Speedier Golf

Ted Dexter Guidelines for ‘speedier’ golf

for the inaugural FineGolf  ‘Running-Golf ‘ Day

played at Temple GC on September 10th 2013.

N.B. Speed of play, 3 players taking 80 strokes each = 240 hits. 10 seconds less time over each stroke saves 40 minutes!! 

One practice swing only permitted 

Do not allow space to develop between your match and the match ahead. 

Be prepared to step up and hit your ball immediately it is your turn to play. Whoever is ready to play, can play. If a player is slow to the next tee they may lose their honour!

Playing conditions

Rules of Golf – except where varied below 

Ball deemed lost after 3 minutes or when playing partner(s) pass the search area, whichever is the later. 

Lost ball or out of bounds penalty. One stroke. Another ball dropped in the semi-rough within two clubs length of the search area (thus there is no need to play a provisional ball, or another ball from the tee or go back under stroke and distance rule) 

Any ball may be deemed “unplayable”. Relief as for lost ball. 

Pick up your ball at all times when you are “out of the hole”. 

No attending the pin. Pin to be removed only at request of any player. (no penalty for ball striking the pin). 

Short putts “within the leather” (up to around 24 inches) to be “given”. 

Reader Comments

On October 24th, 2014 Dick Glynne-Jones said:

I whole-heartedly support your “rules” for faster play and think they should be incorporated in the Rules of Golf – especially dropping another ball instead of walking back, and no penalty for striking the pin.

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