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FineGolf was launched in 2009 by Lorne Smith, who over his lifetime has played all the finest ‘running-golf’ – in contrast to ‘target-golf’- courses in Great Britain & Ireland.

We help golfers choose which are the most enjoyable GB&I courses to play, that give that ‘Joy-to-be-alive’ FineGolf feeling.

Presently, 140 in-depth course reviews are published giving their history, club and course characteristics and, unique within the golf media, the all important turf performance.

FineGolf has developed a reputation of telling it as it is with integrity and independent of any vested interests.

Nothing and nobody is perfect, so, whilst FineGolf attempts to identify strengths and weaknesses within the recreational golf market and how its institutions operate, it now needs support for the further development of the site.

I invite you to subscribe to obtain full access to an enormous wealth of golf and related information. A free seven-day trial is available. Check out the membership options below and sign up now.

The continuing to be free bi-monthly, online, FineGolf Newsletter reminds golfers of the recently published course reviews and articles promoting traditional values in golf and is taken by over 9,000 golfers.

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