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An advantage golf has over other sports is that the game is not all in the competition, the fraternity, the playing well; it is also in playing different courses.

Numerous guides have emerged to advise which courses to play describing their choices as the ‘Top’ or the ‘Best’ or ‘Greatest’. Our contention is that Frank Pennink’s “Golfer’s Companion” published in 1962 and updated by this independent website, is still the most reliable guide to the Finest ‘running-golf ‘ courses in Great Britain and Ireland.

Lorne Smith acquired a copy in the early 1960s and over 40 years later achieved his ambition of playing them all. In the process he became a fan of Pennink’s attitude to golf and a champion of Jim Arthur’s natural greenkeeping methods laid out in his visionary and most enjoyable book “Practical Greenkeeping” published in 1997 , with third edition in 2014, by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club.

Campaign founders: These are the three founding people whose ideas are at the heart of the Campaign for Fine Golf. Other notable experts who support the campaign have joined our Advisory Panel.

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