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It gives me great pleasure to be invited to write a few words in celebration of this remarkable 100th anniversary of FineGolf’s Newsletter.

Philip Truett

How Lorne keeps up the pressure in his pursuit of the running game never fails to astonish me. Dedication with strong hints of passion spring to mind!

As I made clear when Lorne asked me to join his ‘Advisory Panel’, I knew nothing about agronomy and, so long as my golf courses were how I like them – fast and running – I was not so interested in how that was achieved. What I am interested in is playing proper or hickory golf and what you want for this are Lorne’s fine grasses and his running game.

Hickory golfers don’t do target golf! It’s all about ‘bump and run’!

What is so good is that, in spite of all the time that Lorne must spend in writing his newsletters, he has found time to pursue the Hickory game himself and, as you would expect, in a most enthusiastic manner. Indeed, he plays it very well, so congratulations upon that too, Lorne.

Long may the Hickory Game flourish and long may Lorne Smith and his quest for the running game also flourish and we shall all ‘Enjoy to be alive’!

Here’s to the next 100 Newsletters.
Philip Truett

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