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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of use and access of FineGolf Internet Website
The use and access of pages of the Internet Website of FineGolf is subject to the terms and conditions set out below. Please take a moment to read these terms and conditions carefully. By using or accessing any of FineGolf’s Website, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.
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Liability for damages
FineGolf shall not be liable for any direct or indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, including the loss of profits, business revenue or goodwill arising from the use or access of or inability to use or access, interruption or availability of FineGolf’s Internet Website, its operation or transmission, computer viruses, loss of data or otherwise in respect of its use or the downloading or use of any software made available by FineGolf on FineGolf’s Internet Website and FineGolf shall not be liable for and each user shall indemnify and keep indemnified on demand FineGolf from and against all claims, expenses, losses or liabilities (including professional fees and expenses) in connection with any claim by a third party relating to the use or downloading of the software or data or arising from such use or downloading.
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Security of personal data
FineGolf is concerned about the security of your personal information when using FineGolf’s Internet Website. We have created this security statement to explain our information gathering and dissemination practices for FineGolf’s Internet Website. It is FineGolf’s intention to maintain complete confidentiality of any personal information. Nevertheless as the Internet is not a secure medium of communication, FineGolf cannot guarantee the security of any information you input on FineGolf’s Internet Website or send to us on the Internet. FineGolf is not, and will not be, responsible for any damages you or others may suffer as a result of the loss of confidentiality of any such information.

Publishing of comments or submissions

FineGolf invites users of its website to submit comment on various matters including golf courses, news items, surveys and editorial. Comment submitted may be published in whole or in part or not at all, as deemed appropriate by FineGolf and no explanation as to FineGolf’s decisions should be expected.
Links to other Websites
The provision by FineGolf of a link to another Website does not constitute any authorisation by FineGolf to the user to access material held at that location, nor is it evidence of any endorsement by FineGolf of the material held there. FineGolf accepts no responsibility or liability for the privacy of your personal information on such Websites, as these are beyond our control. FineGolf will accept no responsibility or liability in respect of any materials on any Website that is not under its control.
Accessing / using FineGolf’s Internet Website
FineGolf’s Internet Website is designed to be accessed via its principal homepages, and not direct to individual pages. If you access individual pages directly, you may not see important information and warnings which are necessary for a full understanding of our products and services and FineGolf generally. As you use FineGolf’s Internet Website, you will find words in the text that are a different colour from the normal text and are underlined. These are links or shortcuts to other pages and if you click on them they will take you to those pages. FineGolf accepts no responsibility or liability for improper use of FineGolf’s Internet Website.
Unless the contrary is explicitly stated in the case of any product or service, FineGolf’s Internet Website contains only a summary of the information relating to the products and services referred to on FineGolf’s Internet Website. Therefore, if you are interested in finding out all of the information in relation to any of the products or services, you should seek further information from FineGolf by any of the methods indicated on the pages describing the products and services. Nothing on FineGolf’s Internet Website is intended to constitute advice to you.
Problems experienced using FineGolf’s Internet Website
FineGolf’s Internet Website has been extensively tested and we hope that it works properly at all times. However, if you experience a problem at any time, please return to the homepage from where you entered FineGolf’s Internet Website and try again. It would be very helpful if you could report any problems to us by sending an email via the Website feedback facility.
In the event any provision of these terms and conditions of use and access of FineGolf’s Internet Website is held unenforceable, it will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions and will be replaced by an enforceable provision that comes the closest to the intention underlying the unenforceable provision.
Reliability of information
Information provided on FineGolf’s Internet Website is believed to be reliable when posted. However, FineGolf cannot guarantee that information will be accurate, complete and current at all times. All information on FineGolf’s Internet Website is subject to modification from time to time without notice.
Governing laws
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