Golf Links

Below are links to some recommended golf websites The website of Harry Colt, England’s most prolific golf architect. The website of James Braid, Scotland’s most prolific golf architect. The website of Tom Simpson, the Golden Era golf architect Donald Steel’s website, author, architect and general good egg.  The British Golf Collectors Society website A golf architect website An attractive, well connected  Society that supports junior golf An American website reviewing public courses A blog by Thomas Dunne about the beauty of ‘brown’ The philanthropist Sam Ryder’s Foundation  Rick Wilton’s golf  review website   The Society of Hickory Golfers organised from America  watch golf TV from your computer  A listing of suppliers associated with golf turf. Michael Basche’s german site  A website all about Bernard Darwin  Some useful tips for golf beginners. a website all about amateur golf edited by Mark Eley.   a website all about the Walker Cup edited by Mark Eley.  a simple guide to the rules.






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