Nairn Dunbar

1899. Sociable Club with flat links course on its way back to 'running-golf' conditions.
On the east of Nairn. IV12 5AE
Kieran Maclean
01667 452741
Robbie Stewart
Green Keeper
Richard Johnstone
Access Policy:
Visitors are welcome
Dog Policy:
Open Meetings:
Fees in 1960s
Fees today
£70 - 2020


Quick report on Nairn Dunbar.

I was able to take up the invitation to play with Nairn Dunbar’s (not to be confused with Dunbar in East Lothian) course manager and captain on a slightly windy day, both being good golfers who caned me, an outcome that I would like to attribute to being over-golfed from the previous week!

Wow! Richard Johnstone, who has been at Nairn Dunbar for over twenty years and took over as course manger four years ago is leading a dramatic transformation of the course.

Not just in changing the environment away from creeping into parkland, but back to a fast running links again. Trees and gorse are being taken out and sandy wastes created but there has been also the more difficult change, with regard to educating members, from greens that were over-fed annual meadow weed grass (Poa annua) to now, on many, 60/70% browntop bent fine grasses. With fescues also starting to be over-seeded the greens will continue to firm up, and with a policy of cutting at no less than 4mm and having not been cut that morning, these delivered reasonable smoothness and a speed of around 8.5 feet.

Richard, emphasising that they were on a long term journey of change, is helped by being an  enthusiastic and good communicator with the Club’s members, doing so via many methods of greenkeeper blog, course reports, walks and evening meetings. Now the Club is seeing the benefits of the change they will surely continue to support him, even if the weather, as it always does, disrupts the continued smooth progress.

I did mention that the aprons were as important as the firmness and smoothness of the greens if the finest ‘running-golf’ condition is to be attained and that FineGolf looks forward to drafting a proper full review in due course.

Quick report by Lorne Smith 2020.

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