Lorne’s Golf Diary

Lorne Smith’s golf diary, kept since the 1960s, has a note of all the games of golf he has played and where.

He has collected and cut-out from their score cards, from many of the golf courses he has played, the club’s name and stuck them onto pages in his golf diary.

See below from these pages, starting from the earliest, how Golf Clubs have changed over the last 50 years with their names on the score cards getting larger and more colourful as they start to use score-cards as marketing documents!

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Front page. 58 courses

Back page. 60 courses









page four. 26 courses


Page three. 31 courses










page five. 25 courses

page six, 19 courses









Page seven. 23 courses

Page eight. 24 courses









Page nine. 18 courses

page ten. 18 courses









Page eleven. 22 courses

Page twelve. 16 courses









Page thirteen. 9 courses

Page fourteen. 10 courses









Page fifteen. 18 courses

Page sixteen. 14 courses









Page seventeen. 12 courses

Page eighteen. 14 courses









Page nineteen. 21 courses

Page twenty. 16 courses









Page twenty one. 12 courses

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