The running golf game


A return to the running golf game 


“We appear to be in the midst of an historically important period for recreational golf where ‘the elephant in the room’ that most golf journalists, TV commentators, professional golfers, and the fertiliser/pesticide manufacturing companies want to ignore, is that there is a return to the running game in full swing and grasses are at the very root, if you will excuse the pun,  of it”.

If the most enjoyable form of golf is the more imaginative running-game in contrast to target-golf, why are there so few all year round running-game golf courses in the world?

Lorne Smith in an article published in Europe’s largest specialist greenkeeping magazine “Pitchcare” explains the answer to this conundrum. Whereas ‘target-golf’ took all before it during the 1980/90s, he suggests that a change has been happening since around the millenium with a return to the fine running game…….


pitchcare magazine a return to a running game





























pitchcare magazine a return to a running game





























pitchcare magazine a return to a running game





























pitchcare magazine a return to a running game


Reader Comments

On July 22nd, 2014 David DeSmith said:

Wonderful article — spot on! Great information here. A must-read for anyone who likes to play “real” golf.

On July 22nd, 2014 Michael Bonallack said:

I knew Jim Arthur well and had enormous respect for his preaching. I fully agree with the comments about ” fine golf “, so much more enjoyable than lush green fairways and soft greens.

On July 23rd, 2014 rtmorris said:

info most valuable to any club – l love the articles and hope we keep going in this direction for the good of golf.

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