Ted’s 2017 update

Golf relies on good etiquette and commonsense. We have a too technical and complicated code. The rules need to be simpler with greater emphasis on player integrity and allowing the game to be speedier and more enjoyable.

Ted Dexter’s Speedier Rules to be played at FineGolf’s Running-Golf Day at Notts GC, Hollinwell on Sept 4th 2017:

‘Ready golf’ will be played which includes on the tee and putting out.

Each hole shall be played as though there is a “lateral water hazard” on each side of the cut rough.

Thus no provisional ball will be played.

When a ball is lost, the player shall take a drop in the semi-rough not nearer the hole than the area of search.

If lost before the reaching the fairway another ball to be dropped in search area.

Lost Ball Penalty: one stroke.

A player may ‘deem’ a ball lost at any time. Thus there is no imperative to search for a ball.

Only three minutes search time allowed for lost ball. Other players play their own ball before helping to find ball.

Balls may be dropped from a one inch height.

Only one practice swing allowed.

No attending the pin. The pin to be removed only at request of any player. No penalty for hitting the pin.

Short putts “within the leather” to be given.

Do not allow space to develop between your match and the one ahead. Call through if this happens.

Any transgression shall make the player liable to pay for a round of drinks for his fellow competitors.

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