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Added on December 27th, 2021 by Lorne Smith
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There are four people who I know in the businesses of repairing, selling and hiring hickory sets of golf clubs.
Contact details below:
Gavin Botterill, based in the Midlands  www.timewarpgolf.com
Tony Hunt, based in the South East  www.sehickorygolf.co.uk
Harry Bowden, based in the Highlands  www.hickorygolfnorth.co.uk
Boris Leitzow and his Jack White Hickory Golf Shop in the village of Gullane. www.jackwhite-gullane.com

Hickory craftsman Roger Morton  who is based at Shifnal, West Midlands is also a real expert and should be also be mentioned.

Hickory events are organised by the leading UK organisation: The British Golf Collectors Society see Here
In America there is the Society of Hickory golfers

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