London Area

FineGolf considers some of the finest designed heathland golf courses are around London. Nevertheless, though many London courses have firm fine grassed fairways, the general fashion around London is for soft, lush annual meadow grass (Poa annua)  ‘target-golf’ greens.

The following London clubs are in FineGolf’s finest 200 ‘running-golf’ courses in GB&I : The Addington *(TA); The Berkshire *(TB); New Zealand (NZ); Royal Wimbledon *(RW); St George’s Hill *(SGH); Swinley Forest (SF); Sunningdale *(S); Wentworth *(W); West Hill *(WH); Woking *(Wok); Worplesdon *(Wd); Walton Heath *(WH); Berkhamsted *(Bk); Camberley Heath *(CaH); Denham *(D); Huntercombe *(H); Sandy Lodge *(SL), Reigate Heath (RH).

Some parkland golf courses have fine turf: Moor Park *(MP); Thorndon Park *(TP); Ashridge *(Ash) and Temple *(Te) on chalk downland.

I have yet to play East Berkshire (EB).

*featured in Frank Pennink’s 1962  “Golfer’s Companion”.


London Area Map

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