The Golfer’s companion

Foreword to the 1962 ‘Golfer’s Companion’.
A guide to 128 of the finest courses in Great Britain & Ireland.

Golfers Companion

Lorne Smith’s copy

“Who is to say which are the best courses of the 2,000 to be found in the British Isles?  The choice must depend on personal likes and dislikes, on a preference for links by the sea or dry courses inland, formed from one’s own experience, and on personal appraisal.

Therefore, I do not contend that the 128 courses in this Companion are the best, but can recommend them without a qualm as being among the finest that there are – an assumption established by rounds which I have played on nearly all of them.

I am confident that anyone who has the time and good fortune to play the majority of courses in the Companion, will marvel at the variety of Golf in Great Britain and Ireland, which is surely unequalled by any other country in the world.”

Frank Pennink.

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