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Rolling greens can play a part in Conservation Greenkeeping which is all about encouraging the finer grasses and provide firm, smooth turf.

In simple terms, rolling smooths at the same time as quickening surfaces, while reducing the need to mow so low and so often.

Pitchcare published in 2015 an article by Ian Michell (who worked at Ransomes and then around the world)  which discussed the pros and cons of rolling, and came to this conclusion:

“Our attitude to rolling has changed over the past twenty years; originally it was just to increase speed, but now it has become established as an essential fine turf management practice.

So, as stated earlier, it’s not a question of whether to roll or not, but more a question of how much rolling we should incorporate into the maintenance programme to get the best results for our course.”

FineGolf is pleased to host a roller advertorial by baronessUK:


Baroness U.K. are proud to announce they are the new sole importer and distributor for AgriMetal rollers for the U.K.

Adam Butler Sales Director for Baroness U.K adds: “We are extremely pleased and excited to be working with such a well-made and respected brand. We already produce market leading cutting technology for a wide range of mowing equipment but now we have added to our portfolio, in my opinion, one of the most affordable and well-made rollers on the market. To add the icing on the cake they will be rolling off the production line sprayed in the fantastic Baroness Red.

The GR-400

The range available will consist of the GR-400 & GR-660. The GR-400 model is the most affordable, high specification roller on the market with the GR-660 model providing an industry leading 66” width roll.”

Some of the exciting key features are as follows:

The Hydro-Gear hydrostatic pump has been mated with Honda’s reliable 13hp engine ensuring maximum torque and efficiency. Each head is power by its own hydraulic motor in series to distribute flow and torque evenly.

Thanks to the automatic chain tightener system, the chains are located inside a closed box, so grass clipping, sand or any other residue cannot get into the drive mechanism.

Easy maintenance. Each floating head has openings on the top front & back, making clean up simple. The easier it is the more likely it will get done.

The GR-660

The roller’s floating head design effortlessly follows the contours of the most severe undulations, providing a higher roll factor and a better putting surface with minimal compaction.

The hydraulic assisted steering drive system make it easy for the operator to operate the roller, with the floating steering head providing the industries tightest turning radius. This unique design has built in guides to ensure minimal overlap with maximum productivity.

AgriMetal’s heavy duty trailer beds are covered in a rubber mat for maximum traction, allowing easy climbing even in wet conditions.

The ramp self-locking mechanism provides safe transportation. Thanks to the ramp spring assisted hinge system. It’s easy for the operator to lift it back up before driving to the next green.

To book a demo please contact one of our fantastic dealers on the “find a dealer” section of our website.

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