John Muir

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John Muir was Greenkeeper at the West Lancashire Golf Club for 29 years, before his death in 2014, just months after preparing the links for the very successful R&A Junior Open Championship.

John Muir

Following mention in the October 2020 FineGolf¬† Newsletter, that John Philp MBE and Old Tom Morris are the only greenkeepers who have golf holes named after them in Great Britain we received the following from John Bamberry of West Lancashire to pleasingly let us know that our Pantheon of the finest Greenkeepers member John Muir had been honoured with their seventh hole renamed to ‘Muir’.

Donald Steel, his long-time colleague and friend, sent this tribute, which was read at the funeral service.
“John Muir was old school, and a disciple of Jim Arthur, favouring an austere, natural approach to greenkeeping, as opposed to chemicals and fertiliser, used by so many to keep things green.’
(Didn’t Jim Arthur say that ‘nice and green’ was a contradiction in terms??)
‘This policy was a hard sell in his early days, but John Muir’s work transformed the condition of the West Lancashire links that won wide acclaim, and by his death, the greenkeeping world has lost one of its great stalwarts, although happily, the success of this lovely man’s work, lives on.’

Tee marker on West Lancashire seventh hole

In recognition of John’s long service and outstanding contribution, our Club Council approved the renaming of the 7th Hole to MUIR, and in 2017, in a simple ceremony, with his wife present, his ashes were buried by his friends on the links he loved, throughout the best years of his working life.

Reader Comments

On April 11th, 2021 Marie Muir said:

John Muir was without doubt a loyal and knowledgable Man.
To his work, to his members and all high ranking societies including the prestigious R and A.
John devoted 29 years at WLGC designing, improving and preserving old green keeping techniques.
He took time to listen and consider members and Greens committee ideas and wherever possible actioned without fear of criticism.
The plaque of the 7th hole (MUIR) is truly a fitting tribute to a true Gentleman.
Loved and missed by many.

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