Royal County Down’s Eamonn Crawford on Jim Arthur

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Eamonn Crawford (Links Manager at Royal County Down GC – often rated as the finest running course in GB&I and Golf Digest’s No1 course outside America)

Eamonn Crawford the golfer and greenkeeper

” I first met Jim Arthur in 1975 at Royal County Down. I was just a young lad who knew that all grass was just grass and weeds were much the same. I had not got a clue, as I really wanted to be a footballer.

Anyway I went around the links with the head greenkeeper, the convenor and Mr Arthur and what I learned in those few hours probably changed my life.

There was much more to this grass business than I could imagine. This was the start of my 45 years in greenkeeping.

I have his book ‘Practical Greenkeeping‘ signed and I often still read it to this day.

It gives me comfort at times when I need to be inspired and there is so much in it that I follow in practice at Royal County Down.

There are things that have changed nowadays but the greenkeeping of then still holds to this day and it is just simple greenkeeping, doing things at the right time.

A lot of club secretaries should read this book and try and understand what we are trying to achieve”.

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