The R&A’s Alistair Beggs on Jim Arthur

Added on October 17th, 2020 by Lorne Smith
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Alistair Beggs, as the present Director of R&A agronomy is now in the equivalent role that Jim Arthur occupied over twenty five years across the 1970/80/90s :

Alistair Beggs

“Jim and the advice he gave has had a significant impact on my career.  Consequently, I feel very proud to be able to “tread in his footsteps” and deliver my interpretation of his beliefs and doctrines to support the golf courses of our land.

In his own inimitable way, Jim almost single-handedly dragged the golf course industry, which at the time was full of bad practice, into a more enlightened era.  His influence led to a greater commitment to and understanding of the environment, its flora and fauna and the impact of man’s actions upon it was put at the heart of greenkeeping.

He was a pioneer, whose doctrines will live forever, becoming more relevant as sustainable greenkeeping and best practice become an ever more critical part of our place in the modern world.”

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