The Conservation Cut

Added on June 7th, 2019 by Lorne Smith
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Conservation in mowing is based on the well researched fact that grass cut cleanly rather than raggedly will be less affected by disease.

Increased blade sharpness can produce superior turf with less need to use pesticides to protect the stressed grass against disease and so it gives ‘The Conservation Cut’.

As Jim Arthur said “It has long been a basic truism of greenkeeping that the most important machine on the golf course is the mower and the better the greens mower the better the green” (page 119, Practical Greenkeeping).

FineGolf when talking to many greenkeepers it is clear that Baroness mowers keep their exquisite sharpness for longer, as particularly shown when under the high stress situation of mowing through sand top-dressing applied to greens, the reels and bottom blades of other mowers blunt quicker.

Baroness is a Japanese company that has harnessed the historic Japanese Samuria sword precision hardness and sharpness, and adapted it to mowing technology.

A quote from Baroness sums it up:

“Minimizing the need for chemicals, Baroness’ strength is in the cut. Baroness mowers are all fitted with the sharpest, most durable cylinders and bottom blades on the market. A sharp clean cut reduces turf damage while promoting healthy growth.”

FineGolf  is pleased to award to Baroness the accolade of

‘ The FineGolf  Conservation Cut ‘



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