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‘It is rumoured’ that one of the finest greenkeepers in GB&I is about to retire as he nears the age of seventy.


pantheon of finest greenkeepersThe guiding light who we refer to is none other than Billy Mitchell (a member of the Pantheon of the finest greenkeepers) who by the end of 2017 will have served 58 years at Perranporth.


He is of course a legend in the greenkeeping profession, not because he has been able to have a high profile and visibility at some wealthy, high budget club but because he has always set the highest standards, at what is a humble club that has been for too long below the radar of many, particularly inland, golfers.


He has had the strength and vision to refuse to be influenced by any members who might have become infected at times with Augusta Syndrome Disease (ASD) and he has patiently pursued a traditional Jim Arthur style of greenkeeping. His team has rewarded the Club members and visitors with wonderful running surfaces high in fine fescues and low in disease-risk.
Billy has led his team to provide firm, true surfaces throughout the year with low inputs, a low budget and a small compliment of greens staff.

The word ‘sustainability’ is banded about by many individuals and organisations but what we see here at Perranporth is genuine long term sustainability.


billy mitchell,

Rob Cook and Billy Mitchell. Click to enlarge

Billy might be a traditional greenkeeper but this does not mean he does not keep up with the latest technology and has always been keen on education for his apprentices whether young or old. For example he has used ‘Rescue graminicide’ to take out quite a lot of ryegrass around and on the greens and interestingly has used  ‘Compost Teas’ to enhance the health of his rootzones. (see brilliant article explaining soil biology by John Quinn MG).

FineGolf  hails a great man and wishes Billy a happy and long retirement. Rob Cook,  another traditional greenkeeper with a love of fescue dominated surfaces who is taking over, is bound to keep in touch with a legend for his advice, as he gets to grips with this very special links venue and leads his team forward!
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On November 12th, 2018 Mick Grindle said:

This is golf as God designed and a delight to play. One would not like to have a medal card in hand too often, but it is an amazing experience and allows all manner of shots to be played. The aerial route is rarely rewarded and expect more than a normal share of bad bounces and lies.

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