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Simple grass species id needs funding


Independent scientific research, funded by Barenbrug, the grass seed development company, proves that fine (fescues and Browntop Bent) greens perform better than weed (annual meadow grass – Poa annua) greens all the year round in GB&I, so says David Greenshields, Barenbrug’s R&D wizard.

However, one has to wonder why, in adding this objective research to the STRI’s 6-year programme results, the leadership of the greenkeepers’ trade body –

BIGGA continues to appear to be in denial?

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The present research method of identifying grass species!

In David’s 2016 BTME presentation, in which he said further research showed that if a course is going through a change to fine grasses it needs to be over-seeded regularly during the growing season to obtain the best and quicker results, David showed a photo of a man spending hours counting plant by plant the different percentage each grass species occupies in their research greens, so as to determine the species change over the years when different maintenance regimes were applied.

Nick Park was keen that this measurement should be able to be calculated more simply by collecting grass clippings from a green and analysing the DNA.

The research into the DNA of different grass species has been successful but there are other mechanical or optical logistic issues regarding the collection of suitable “representative” sampling that have so far stopped this fundamentally important measurement from being available.

Would it be naïve of FineGolf to call upon BIGGA to negotiate some research grants

from those companies who make the most money out of the sport of golf, to help finish off this crucial research, that will help improve species identification, and allow

every course mgr to do their own simple objective measurements?

Read about FineGolf’s best present method of grass ID.

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