Hunstanton returns from the ‘dark side’

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FineGolf has been celebrating for some time how the trend back to the virtues of the ‘running game’ has been gathering momentum.


hunstanton golf club, finest golf coursesThe finest clubs have nearly all (there are exceptions!) been talking about returning to the finer grasses and the firm conditions that this game requires.

The exceptions are among some of the fine heathland courses around London who continue to think their members prefer pudding greens with high meadow grass content that require aggressively cut-down putting surfaces to create speed.

But further good news can now be broken…


While most of British Isles’s links courses strive for fine grasses, Hunstanton has stood out for the past twenty years or so as the high priest of annual meadow grass (Poa annua) greens and has gloried in the accolades it has received for its fast putting surfaces.

 FineGolf can today report that a renaissance has occured with Hunstanton returning from the ‘dark side’.

Its greens have successfully been returned to 80% indigenous bents and fescue grasses without the membership being inconvenienced.


It just goes to show what can be done when a club embraces the FineGolf credo and we enthusiasticaly encourage golfers to visit and enjoy the high quality, firm, true greens that this fine championship links course once again is offering for your enjoyment.

To discover how and why this renaissance has occurred and for a full review of Hunstanton  READ MORE…



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