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We are highly honoured that Europe’s leading golf magazine which enjoys 70,000 readers, has highlighted¬†FineGolf.

Fergus Bisset, one of Golf Monthly’s foremost journalists, interviewed Lorne Smith and in parallel with the launch of the “Challenging Courses” App, the magazine has published a major three-page article about FineGolf and its philosophy in their September edition.

We heartily recommend that readers purchase a copy and enjoy an article (on pages 137/9)  that touches upon the motivations and ambitions behind FineGolf.

Download Pdf of Golf Monthly article on FineGolf here

Page one of the article is below:

golf monthly finegolf article,

Reader Comments

On December 30th, 2012 Matthew Dodds said:

Great work… had a chance to play Castle Stewart & enjoyed it very much.

All the best,


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