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Some  have experienced difficulty, after acquiring the FineGolf App, in accessing how to add a review and / or rating. 

We give below how to submit a review and rating for the FineGolf App


On your iPhone…

1.Go to App Store

2. Go to ‘Search’ and type in ‘FineGolf’

3. Open the page in the App store, scroll down to ratings and click arrow.

4. Click ‘Write a review’

5. Write your review if you wish to and/or select your star rating and click ‘Submit’

6. Done! Apple will add your review and after a short time it’ll display in the App review list.

On your Computer in iTunes… 

1. Open iTunes on your computer.

2. Click on ‘iTunes Store’ and choose ‘App Store.’

3. In the search box (at the top) type in ‘FineGolf’

4. Open the App page and scroll down to the reviews.

5. Add stars next to ‘Rate This App’.

6. Click ‘Write a review,’ enter your review and click ‘Submit.’

7. Done!


Note that you need to own the app to submit a star rating or a review!

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