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Golf Monthly recently published a fascinating interview with Tiger Woods and  Michael Harris,  their Editor and lover of the fine running game,  has given FineGolf permission to quote part of it. We think you will enjoy….

” The Golf Challenges I love by Tiger Woods.

There is no doubt that players can’t shape the ball as much as they used to. The ball is coming off the club too fast; the ball is much harder than what we grew up with. Saying that, the ball flies straighter now. Everyone’s hitting it further and straighter.

Actually it is kind of interesting because everyone is hitting less fairways because the ball is going further. If you hit a pull or a block that would normally land in the fairway and you add 20 or 30 yards to that, all of a sudden it’s deep in the rough. I saw a stat that in 1993, the leading driver was hitting it 279 yards and now it’s 314. The Tour has got longer.

Trust me as a Tour player you always want a Reporting of employer health medical insurance coverage. golf course brown. You want it brown, you want it fast, you want it hard because it tends to separate guys.

The guys who are hitting the ball well are at the top of the board. Most weeks it is lush and green and pretty for TV. There are more players that have a chance to win because the ball’s sticking. Guys can mishit shots and still be in play, and guys who hit borderline iron shots can still get it on the green.

It takes art to play the ball on the ground and create shots. When the ball is plugging, its pot-luck, everyone’s going to go low.

British Open, US Open – some of the events we’ve played in dry conditions in the past, the guys love it. If you ask most of the Tour pros, they’ll say they love it when it’s fast, but it doesn’t look good for TV. Obviously we’re trying to please both and people like to see it green and lush, but we’d much rather see it fast and firm.”

Ed comment:  Perhaps FineGolf should ask Tiger to put over this message more often!


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