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BBC Open Golf Coverage; FineGolf poll results are out!

The BBC has been receiving some unattractive press recently about its perceived lowering of standards (Jonathan Ross etc.). I am afraid FineGolf readers don’t have any good news for them either.

Harrington at Birkdale, padraig wins The Open

Harrington at Birkdale

If you recall, there were windy conditions, particularly on the Saturday of  ‘The 2008 Open’ at Royal Birkdale. I thought it would give a higher BBC TV coverage than normal of pros hitting difficult shots from the fairway or rough, chipping, bunker and recovery play – in other words, the more creative, interesting side of the game, viz everything that is not the ‘teeing off’ or ‘putting’.

So I decided to put a stop-watch on the edited one hour summary of the play, late on Saturday night to see how much time was devoted to:
1) teeing off, putting and interviews
2) everything else.
I then invited visitors to the website to vote as to what they expected to see from 0% to 100% for either 1) or 2)

BBC Poll results, finegolf poll,finest coursesOur small inaugural poll cannot perhaps be said to be representative of what everybody expected the balance of the coverage to be but  74% of FineGolf voters expected 50% or more of the BBC coverage to contain ‘everything else’.

The correct answer as to what was actually broadcast was:
80% teeing-off, putting and interviewing; 20% everything else.

This is more typical of TV golf coverage from lush target courses around the world and not what one might expect from the Beeb during The Open. I shall let the BBC Sport have our FineGolf survey findings and then, hopefully, being aware that a part of their viewing public does not expect their Open coverage to copy that of commercial, target-golf TV, with a lowering of standards, they will reconsider their future policy.

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