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BBC’s coverage of “The Open” has been the best TV golf coverage in the world. The golf is left to present itself with helpful ‘technical’ comment that does not talk down to its knowledgeable audience. The over-used superlatives of some other channels are mostly absent.

Nevertheless, this year at Royal Birkdale did anybody else have the impression the commentators were starting to try to sell us the entertainment value of what we were watching?

Ken Brown is good but perhaps it has something to do with the body-blow of losing the brilliant Bruce Critchley to Sky.

There seemed to be a worry that the conditions were too difficult; in line with one Pro’s statement that ‘the public want to see us get birdies not bogeys’.

Harrington’s last nine holes on Sunday showed the conditions could be mastered.

How much more interesting it is to have conditions that require creative and skilful shotmaking rather than the usual mechanical high-flying target golf.

The best golfers like Tiger Woods are superb at both Fine and Target golf.

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